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‘How To’ of Internet and Network Marketing

What is, “what to do?” It is simply telling of the steps to take needed to get a mission accomplished. e.g. In order to go to the post office, first get in your car, start it up, drive to the post office. An alternative is to find out where it is, start walking there & do business on arrival. I’m sure you can identify the “what to do” in other parameters as well.

Now let’s go a step further. Add in online marketing aka internet marketing or IM. Many people are making a LOT of money selling IM products to the general public worldwide. You may also translate your language into many other languages via software simply, then increasing your market share. When you purchase one of the products, it soon is apparent, you are being told “what to do” to make money, just like the author or seller of the product you just bought. What to do is great, as long as you already know the specific requirements to get the mission completed! Let’s revisit the above paragraph for a few minutes.

How can you get to the post office by car, if you do not know how to drive, have a license, or even know where the PO is located. See all the missing information, just to get to the PO? The author of the product you just bought either does not care whether you know where the PO is or you know how to drive. He is going to tell “what to do” to get there anyway! It is like wanting to walk to the PO, however, you are a double amputee without aide of any devices to help you walk. You stay right where you are & the author of this new product doesn’t give a whip. He just wants to sell you more products.

About selling you more products-if the author has a vivid imagination, then they can come up with 20, 50, 100 or more ways to tell you the “what to do”. Now he has 100 or more products to sell you, under different titles. The entire time this happens, it may be years you buy these “what to do” products, you are still just setting there without legs to move.

Now enter the “how to” world. Now you know how to start the car, have a license & can drive to the PO after finding out where it is. Doesn’t it feel much better, now you know all this? Sure it does. So then, why buy these no good, almost fraudulent, “what to do” products? The “how to” is simple. How to set up your website, how to use cPanel at your web host, how to use other software to set up your autoresponder and the follow up auto emails, how to advertise on & off the net for your net products, how to use File Zilla to get your site pages up to the host server. There are even more “how to” of getting IM set up so you will make money.

Now, which do you prefer, the “what to do” product or the “how to” product? The answer is so simple, I won’t even answer it. You, as the reader, answer it for yourself. You now have the “how to” of life in your hands. What will you do with it? Whatever you do, DO NOT go back to that moron who keeps selling you the same washed out “what to do” products. If you do, remember, you are a double amputee without aide of devices to get around ANYWHERE.

Hey, some of these IM sellers/authors are honest people. Okay, then you decide which ones they are! Maybe a body will figure it out after spending thousands of dollars on the “what to do” products & never really know nor understand the “how to” of making money on the internet.

Well okay, there is another method to all this. Keep in mind though, many of these “what to do” guys & gals still DO NOT know nor understand the “how to” formula anyway. Here we go then. Another way for these “what to do” gang members get you is by sending out there info. Otherwise known as outsourcing. They go to India, the Russian areas, Malaysia or other places where cheap costs flourish & have them put all this website “stuff” together, so you can continue to buy their “what to do” products. Now you know how these folks do it without even knowing the “how to” for themselves. They don’t care folks. They say, “give me the money”.

Yes, we all want to make a buck or two. If you want to crawl over the backs of the innocent to do so, then go ahead. Just don’t come back here crying in the ashes of your spent hard earned money. Remember, anyone can outsource on the net. You have no real way to know if the author or seller of these “what to do” products has been duped just as we have been or is a criminal hiding behind websites, hosting companies & outsource sources abroad or domestic.

The bottom line in this Report is know what you are buying. Understand the MAJOR differences between the “what to do” world vs the “how to” world. The “how to” world is the ONLY way to go, in my humble opinion.

Beware of these so called “online IM guru’s” who just want your money, want to sell “what to do” products over & over again with different titles, or just don’t care they do not understand the “how to” world. Maybe some of these folks do not realize the differences themselves, so they can still be honest people, just as duped as we are or were.

Remember also, they use different titles for the same basic information we all keep buying. We buy it because we think most folks are honest & we’ll eventually learn something from them on how to make money or how to of whatever they sell. They keep selling the same info under different titles, either they honestly don’t know any better or they’re just plain ohl crooks online.

Don’t forget, this information also goes for network marketing as well. For more info & a proven method to making money through a “how to” income opportunity, see our Resource Box section below.

Know your Doctor, well, know your seller of IM products & network marketing opportunities too . If they JUST outsource, not knowing or caring what they are doing to you, then stay away from them! PERIOD!

The “How To” Guy,
Jim Halloran

PS: I do not outsource- We know “how to” first.
PSS: Join us in this endeavor to make an income online, I will provide you the “How To” source of Free mentoring as well-for Free

Japan’s Home Shopping Network Braces For the Dubli Tsunami

Japan’s home shopping network should be bracing itself for the approaching launch of the Dubli on-line home shopping network. Japan has a reputation for having an affluent and well educated population that loves home shopping. I predict that Japan will have a high up-take of the new and convenient Dubli shop from home opportunity.

Dubli is the brain child of Michael Hansen. The company was founded in June 2003 and was launched in Germany in June 2006 and was then worked on and refined further to the point where Dubli had developed the necessary website, warehouses, shipping options and software to support its new on-line home shopping portal. Dubli was then rolled out in July 2008 to all countries in the European Union.

The Dubli roll out continued with the launch of the on-line auctions in the USA in October 2008. This was followed by the roll out of the US on-line shopping mall in June 2009. Australia and New Zealand had their turn next with the launch of its auctions in October 2009 and its shopping mall March 2010. Dubli is a publicly listed company as “Media Group Holdings Inc” and Dubli have reportedly gone to the trouble to list the company for transparency and credibility in the international market place. Dubli share prices steady increase since being listed has reflected consumer confidence and continued satisfaction in Dubli’s new e-commerce user pay shopping model.

So what’s on offer from Dubli? There are three shopping tabs on the website. In the Express Auction section the potential buyer uses a Dubli “shopping credit” to reveal the discounted price of an item. Prices start at around the wholesale mark and incredibly they just go down from there. This happens by spending a Dubli shopping credit that costs 0.80c US, and 25c of this is allocated at the time it is spent, to reduce the items price. As more and more people spend credits to reveal the price of an item the price continues to drop until some one decides to purchase the item. You can even purchase credit cards for less than their retail value. It seems crazy I know but no one loses out on the transaction its a true win-win.

In the Unique Bid section shoppers are trying to estimate the lowest unique price that an item will sell for. The only catch is to be the successful bidder at the close of the auction your bid has to be the lowest AND unique, meaning there has been no other bid made for the same amount. The lowest unique bid also utilizes the use of the shopping credits with each bid costing one credit. The lowest unique bid opportunity to buy items at crazy low prices has become popular amongst the players of Sudoku and in the US there has even been Dubli parties held where a group of bidders get together and pool their shopping credits to try and secure the lowest unique bid at the close of the auction. I predict that these sorts of bidding parties will become very popular in Japan as they are fun and exciting and can offer incredible savings. For example in the US recently a Ford Mustang GT valued at $38,000 US sold for a bid of $855.25, a staggering discount of 97%! Dubli recently added gold bars valued at $22,500US to its lowest unique bid section of the US website.

The Shopping Mall is where the major retailers have a portal to sell their items and offer shoppers special offers, discounts and credits for shopping with Dubli. This offers the shopper the convenience of shopping from home, getting a great discount and a massive choice of retailers. The US Dubli site has more than 1000 retailers and Australia has 450 so far.

Once Dubli has been launched in Japan and the enthusiastic home shopping network realizes the true value of a Dubli credit, the news of Dubli will spread like wild fire. The many thousands of happy Japanese Dubli customers will naturally want to tell all their friends and family about their amazing shopping experiences via the social networks, resulting in the overnight viral spread through Japan of “Dubli” as a household name that represents true value for its customers.